Our Story

How it all began

My Holiday Name is an idea that came about when I was trying to save a cross stitch pattern used by my late grandmother. She had used the pattern to create many treasured heirlooms for her grandchildren and some of her great grandchildren.  It is now my turn to take up the needle as it were.  While I was was working for over a year to preserve her notes that contain hints, tips, and tricks for working with this pattern, I turned to what I know best…the computer.  Using various programs I was able to save something similar to her pattern, and after all that work my family felt like I should share it with the world

How I chose names for the store

When it came to choosing the names to put in the store at My Holiday Name I wanted to be as fair as I could, but I have no idea where to start picking popular names. I know so many people named Victoria and Timothy that I have to use a last initial, or a job to differentiate them for other people. So I decided to let Social Security records do most of the work for me. I went to their Baby Name Database, pulled the Top 20 Boys Names and the Top 20 Girls Names for each of the last 20 years (Victoria is in, but Timothy was out) …and that, along with a few phrases and a handful of other names…is where I started]